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On October 29th, we’ll be celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. We’ll be having a brass quintet and timpani, choir, handbells, and we’d love to have your voice added to our celebration! Join us for worship at 8 and 10:45!
Dave and Jess Ray are local singer/songwriters who have created worship songs for children. But, more than that, they’ve also created family devotion resources that go with the songs. And they’re free to you! All you have to do is go to https://doorpostsongs.com/ and enter the code  63XWLY3V where under the “subscribe” tab, and click on the dropdown menu that says, “Have a church code”. You will then be able to go to your cart and download a zip file for free with everything on it. You can put the mp3 files on your computer, phone, tablet, and use the resources as your family devotion and worship time. It’s great music for the car, the beach, around the house, whatever you want to use it for!  We’d love to have you use these resources and we pray that it benefits and blesses your family!
Voices in Bronze Handbell Choir
This group plays three octaves of bells and chimes. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7 PM in Room 203. Open to anyone high school age and older. Plays in the Traditions services.
Take a look at our Fall 2017 Schedule


St. Timothy Choir
This group is a mixed choir of adults who share their musical gifts in the Traditions service. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 8 PM in Room 201. Open to anyone high school age and older.
Take a look at our Fall 2017 Schedule


Festival Choir
At Christmas and Easter, the Festival Choir prepares and shares a special worship service for the season, accompanied by an orchestra.
Gospel Lights
Men’s Choir
Four part harmony of men’s voices, singing primarily southern Gospel songs.  Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7 pm in room 203. Open to anyone high school age and older. This group shares their talent with their musical praises to God in our Traditions service. Directed by Richard Leslie, Minister of Music Emeritus
Music notes
Praise Team
Our Praise Team leads worship at our 10:45 contemporary service. Membership by audition. Contact Nate Henze for details


If you or someone you know are interested in private music lessons, check out the St. Timothy Music Academy HERE
Children’s Choir
Children’s Choir is open to anyone in K-3rd grade, rehearsing from 6:15-6:45, starting back up in September. Our theme for this year is “A Life of Worship” and each month, we will learn and sing about different parts of our lives and how integral they are to worship.
This group will sing all styles of music, have fun, energetic rehearsals, learn about singing and music while praising God in the process!
Check out our Fall 2017 Schedule
What was that organ piece?
If you heard a piece on the organ, and wondered who it was by, then check here. Titles and composers will be listed on the Wednesday prior to the Sunday services. Click on the names to link to biographies and more information about the composer.
Sunday, October 15th (Piano)

Blessings–John Leavitt

   This is My Father’s World arr.–Richard Williamson

    “Homage” from “Enigma Variations, Op 36, –Larry Pugh

Sunday, October 8th
Holy, Holy, Holy–James Kosnik
How Great Thou Art–Robert Hobby
Jesus Shall Reign–Kevin Hildebrand
Sunday, October 1st
Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling–James Brauer
Supplication–Lefebure Wely
Prelude, Fugue and Chaconne in C Major–Dietrich Buxtehude
Sunday, September 24th
Diversion–Charles Ore
Prelude in G Major–Felix Mendelssohn
Thoughts from the Minister of Music and Celebration
Follow Jesus, Make a Difference. That’s our new mission statement. How does it apply to our music ministry? Well, when we follow Jesus and His leadership, we respond to His calling and gifts that He has given to us. We can do that through singing, playing handbells, playing an instrument, or whatever the case may be. When we make music, we are reminded of God’s truths and promises, and the cycle continues. We hear God’s Word and we respond to it. Making a difference with music? That’s really easy. We are surrounded by music in our world. Using that music to glorify, worship and praise God, along with using it in the world around us definitely does make a difference. Not only in us and how we live, act and respond to things around us, but then God uses that witness to reach out and make a difference to others around us!