Call Committee Update – July 30, 2021

  • The Call Committee Packet was sent into the LCMS TX District Office that included a variety of congregational materials, surveys, demographics, and Nominations from our membership.
  • Though the TX District’s response had been delayed because of the Annual Convention, they have now reviewed our nominations for interest in call, length of service in
    current call, proximity to St. Timothy, etc.  The District President has also recommended
    several more candidates for our consideration. 
  • A few days ago, the District Office sent their complete packet of Pastor’s Information Forms and Self Evaluation Tools to the Call Committee.  (In answer to recent questions by a few of our members, please know that Pastor Brad’s materials are included in this list.  He will be fully considered as a serious candidate, along with the others nominated that have gone through this vetting process.) 
  • The Call Committee has prayerfully reviewed these packets and has set up Zoom or
    in-person interviews with several of the candidates.  After the field of candidates is
    narrowed, additional meetings/interviews will be set up that will also involve staff, lay
    leaders, and members of the congregation.

Please pray with us as the Lord leads us throughout this important and exciting process.



Senior Pastor Call Committee Update – July 15, 2021

  • Call Committee Packet was sent into the LCMS TX District Office that included a variety of congregational materials, surveys, demographics, and eleven nominations from our membership.
  • The District Office is reviewing our nominations for interest in call, length of service, previous experience, etc., and will add a few more recommendations for our consideration. TX District’s response is delayed because of Annual District Convention, vacations, and federal holiday. They will send their complete packet of Pastor
    Nomination Forms and Self Evaluations, probably by the end of July or early August.
  • The Pastor Call Committee will prayerfully begin reviewing these packets for personal interviews by mid to late August. In-person interviews will follow and will include the committee, staff, lay leaders, and the congregation in the fall.
  • Please pray with us as the Lord leads us throughout this important and exciting process.



Sr. Pastor Nominations – now closed

A list of 13 nominations was sent to the district after receiving names from our congregation.  This list will be vetted and added to by the district.  The process takes 4-6 weeks.  Once we have an update, we will keep you informed. 

Pastoral Profile Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the Pastoral Profile Survey.  The Texas District receives the surveys and will put together a report for the Call Committee that will be presented to Call Committee at the end of April.  This was an important first step and we are grateful for your participation.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Yes, it’s true!  Pastor Steve has announced his plans to retire next year after 40+ years in ministry, 22 of which faithfully leading the body of Christ at St. Timothy.
Following Pastor Steve’s December announcement, the Board of Directors prayerfully appointed a Pastor Call Committee to begin the recommended study and planning process, with support from the LCMS District Office.  This diverse, representative group of active members invites our entire church body to participate in this important process by:
  • Praying and Fasting:  Let us humbly open our hearts and minds with prayer and fasting, asking the LORD to give us all a spirit of hopeful anticipation and discernment.  Prayerfully consider the direction of our church’s mission and ministry, and the potential characteristics of a new pastor who will help shepherd the flock into a new season of ministry.
  • Providing Input:
Complete our Survey:  In mid-March a survey will go out to all St. Timothy members.  Your personal feedback on characteristics, goals, objectives, etc. is important to us so we hope to hear from each of you.
Give Nominations:  During the call process, you will have the opportunity to provide pastoral nominations.  WE invite you to begin considering and praying over potential nominations now!
  • Staying Informed:  This is a time of change you may have questions.  Ask!  You have found our page devoted to the Call Process and our effort to keep everyone informed.  Please be sure to check out the Sunday bulletin and emails for further information as it is available.  Or CLICK HERE to submit a question that you may still have after looking through this website.  
We want you to know, too, that Pastor Steve is assisting  the Committee with his wisdom and guidance.  He has offered to stay on at St. Timothy for a period of time, to help orient, connect, and advise the new pastor, as they mutually agree it would be beneficial. Our prayers are with Pastor Steve and Rosalyn as well, for their preparation and transition into a new phase of their life together, when that time comes.
Prayerfully and Respectfully,
Bob Hartman, Co-Chair Board of Elders and Jeff Sjurseth, Chairman Board of Directors
The Call Committee members are:  Bob Hartman – Chair, Kevin Arnold, Calli Dretke, Heather Lehrmann, Kathy Kolkhorst, Ravi Manuel, Sarah Baden Spurgeon, Jane Ullrich, Glyn Willborg, Student Representative: Eden Rohan, Pastor Jeff Doria – Associate Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church and Circuit Adviser, and Pastor Jon Braunersreuther –  LCMS District Advisor.