What Jesus Says
Our mission at St. Timothy is to follow Jesus and Make a Difference!  When Jesus called His disciples to follow, they spent time with Him, watched His miracles, and heard everything Jesus said about His kingdom, life, death, eternal life, relationships, and loving others.  Join us each week as we hear what Jesus still says to us today about some of the most vital issues of our time.
What Jesus Says About You
September 8, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#EarnHistory Message Series: God has done incredible work in the lives of His people throughout the centuries.  Before the age of social media, and news going viral, or people became internet and YouTube stars, God called young men and women who made an impact in their world and for His Kingdom.  Join us each week as we learn from the faith, courage, and obedience of these young men and women of faith.
#EarnHistory: The Gift Of Work
September 1, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#EarnHistory: Faith vs. Insurmountable
August 25, 2019
Pastor Brad Jurischk
#EarnHistory: Courage Required
August 18, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#EarnHistory: What Honors God
August 11, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#EarnHistory: Loyalty Rewards
August 4, 2019
Pastor Brad Jurischk
#EarnHistory: The Difference
One Can Make
July 28, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#EarnHistory: Follow God.
Make a Difference. 
July 21, 2019
Pastor Brad Jurischk
#EarnHistory: Humility and Faith
July 14, 2019
Pastor Brad Jurischk
#EarnHistory: What We All Need
July 7, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#EarnHistory: Courage In Trials
June 30, 2019
Pastor Brad Jurischk
#EarnHistory: Courage To Honor God
June 23, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#EarnHistory: Courage To Stand
June 16, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
#Earnhistory: The First Disciple
June 9, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze
A Ministry of Joy Gloria’s Retirement Celebration
June 2, 2019
Pastor Steve Henze